Fields of Opportunity

Fields of Opportunity

A Life Through Letters

Thursday October 20, 2016

3:30pm in 304 EPB Gerber Lounge

John Callahan has been writing about Ralph Ellison for decades.  In his criticism, he stresses the rewards of encountering the author’s language.  As Ellison’s literary executor, he evinces a similar approach.  Untiringly, he introduces the public to the complex experience of confronting the author’s words.  His lecture, “A Life Through Letters,” continues this task by showing how Ellison’s personality surfaces in his correspondence.

Extending Fields of Opportunity’s concentration on race and democracy, “A Life Through Letters” ponders a man whose civic faith proves both prophetic and provocative.  Callahan persistently illuminates the enduring importance of Ellison’s legacy.

Clip Featuring Callahan: